About us

Meet your Turkey River Farmers!

At Turkey River Farm, we believe that food is medicine, but, it should taste better than cough syrup. To everyone who is afraid to buy that bunch of kale: we have the inspiration you need to love your greens, to crave cabbage and relish radishes. The only thing we love as much as cooking and eating is talking about food and swapping recipes -- we seek to spread the joy of cooking and eating fresh healthy foods. We select vegetable varieties for their superior flavor and harvest them at the peak of their deliciousness! We also believe that farmers must be responsible stewards of the land. Agricultural systems are a complex interplay of natural resources -- soil, water, air, mineral resources, and more! Through our farming practices we work to build topsoil, protect waterways, minimize fossil fuel inputs, and support biodiversity.

Your Turkey River Farm Farmers, Peter and Natasha, care as deeply about sustaining rural communities as they do about protecting natural resources and providing you with delicious produce. Natasha grew up in rural Iowa and is thrilled to support education, conservation and healthy families in her hometown through her farm business. When not in the field, Peter and Natasha volunteer with the Central Community school cooking & gardening clubs, Extension, and conservation organizations.