Volunteer for Veggies!

Volunteer for Veggies!

Volunteers pick beans in the garden at Turkey River Farm.

Calling all aspiring gardeners! Students of sustainability! Homesteader wannabes! Families with kids who need to spend some time pulling weeds and feeding veggie scraps pigs! and folks who just want to spend a few hours feeling the soil on their hands!

If you are curious about vegetable production, greenhouse plant care, season extension, organic pest control, no till methods, cover crops (and so much more!!) you might be a great fit to volunteer at Turkey River Farm. 

For every 4 hours you spend helping out we provide a week's worth of CSA vegetables. Come for one week or work with us to get on our schedule for a whole season. Send Natasha a message to learn more: natasha@turkeyriverfarm.com or give us a call:  563.245.1006

Peggy digging carrots at Turkey River Farm.